Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

Design and branding is more important than you realize (find a stunning theme on Themeforest – there’s heaps of low cost options!) Users who stumble upon your blog will decide in a second or less whether they want to continue scrolling – and a lot of that is dependent on the design and overall aesthetics.

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25+ Tips for New Bloggers

I don’t normally talk about blogging, as it’s honestly not the most interesting subject to write about (let’s face it: talking about waterfalls and glaciers in Iceland and road tripping down the California coast is more my thing). But you spoke and I listened – alas, my best tips for new bloggers, coming right up!

These days, new blogs are popping up faster than I can down an ice cream cone (and that’s fast). Probably every few minutes or so! The internet is over-saturated with content, and then some! And because of this, you want to make sure you start your blog off on the right foot and with some sound advice.

You may be asking, “Who am I to give out such advice on these tips for new bloggers?” I don’t blame you. Not only have I learned how to braid my hair while traveling (a big triumph for me) and not scare away the sea turtles (I’m mildly obsessed with them), I’ve started making some decent money off this little “hobby” I call blogging.

And while I’m here to say that you definitely shouldn’t start a blog with the intention of purely making money, let’s face it – blogging takes a LOT longer than anyone realizes, and does come along with some unforeseeable costs, so if you do by chance end up making a bit of money, I’m sure you’ll be totally fine with that 😉

This little baby of mine has been cooking for over 5 years, and I’ve definitely learned a few things the hard way. I reached 100K+ page views per month in June 2017, and it’s only gone up ever since! (I now average 185k per month 🙂 ).

15 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

1. Making a plan

The primary tip for blog beginners is to conduct thorough research. Your blog should be backed with a solid base of research. Find out all the information you need that is relevant to the topic. Next would be to organize that research into actionable points.

Then comes the blog, now set up a layout of the blog, and begin. It doesn’t end there; it’s always good to ensure that you take a look at the grand scheme of things. Plan where you want yourself to be down the line as a blogger.

2. How long should a post be?

The HuffPost, however, suggests that posts should be super readable and be about 300 to 600 words in length. Now that is quite a difference in terms of numbers. If you think about the time a person spends on a blog, it might make more sense. Different people read at different paces (yes, there is an accepted average); it would be best to consider that.

If your post is informal and conveys a couple of important points, don’t overcrowd the page. The best tip for blog beginners is to be straightforward and get the information out there. Your readers are likely to spend a couple of minutes on your post. On the contrary, if your post is about key information that your reader needs to know to be able to, for example, complete their college assignment, be clear, be informative and take the time to explain your points well. Your reader is likely to spend well over six minutes and maybe even be patient enough to re-read your post.

3. Target acquired?

A major tip for blog beginners is to always think about their audience before writing a blog. Who is your reader? This has to be one of your top thoughts when writing a blog. Target the specific audience you want to. If you are looking to connect with students between the age of 15 to 18, make sure your content would appeal to them.

4. The melody of writing

A good way to keep your readers engaged in your content is by using a mixture of short and medium-length sentences. You don’t want super long ones. A complex sentence filled with jargon would put your readers off for good. A blog is supposed to be easy to understand.

5. Check and double-check

The most crucial tip for blog beginners is to always proofread content before publishing. Read it a couple of times, make sure you are happy with it, and take a few minutes to edit and spell-check your content. Good grammar and no spelling mistakes make your content more enjoyable.

6. Be loud

You don’t really need to paint your page fluorescent yellow, but it helps to have good strong colors and images that connect with your readers’ thoughts. Try to keep it neat and make sure that those images and gifs reflect your brand values.

7. Sharing is caring

There are two points in this. One tip for beginning bloggers that most miss out on is to never be ashamed of self-promotion. If you do not talk about your work, how will people know about you? Share your work; don’t be shy to peddle your own work out there. Tag your blogs, and don’t hesitate to comment on other blogs. Also, always give credit to those you base your research on. You may find that life is a circle and good things tend to come back.

8. Splits make it easy

9. Be tech-savvy

Get a little tech-savvy. Research and understand how search engine optimization works and understand how to incorporate SEO into your content writing. The simplest tip for blog beginners is to be familiar with basic design layouts and social sharing plugins. It will make your life a lot easier.

10. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

That subheading is completely misleading. You need to make sure that you ask your readers to act. Give them options and choices to act on. Encourage them to click on the ‘this’ link. On the flip side, don’t be too pushy either. Your CTA should be clear and unique.

11. Facts matter

It really helps if your information is simple and direct and allows the information to be implemented. A tip for beginning bloggers to note is that dressing up the turkey isn’t always necessary. Your content should be useful to someone; that’s the point of it. Take a look at Roger Bryan’s write-up.

12. Research your data

13. Open with pomp

Find the inspiration to make your blog introduction powerful. A simple mistake that most blog beginners make is that they fail to draw their readers in. Your heading is the draw, the hook that grabs the reader. Make it amazing, put yourself out there, and you will be rewarded. An interesting statistic from a write-up on suggests that 80% of the viewers may read the headline, and only 20% will actually read the rest. The blog suggests that content writers should use catchy titles to ensure they grab their readers’ attention.

Final Thoughts On Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

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Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. BloggersPassion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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14 thoughts on “25 Best Blogging Tips and Tricks Based On 16 Years of Blogging Experience”

A lot of burning questions that new bloggers like me have are covered comprehensively in this post.
One of my thoughts nows days is that I am making money from my main blog. What if Google change its algo and traffic drops overnight as I have read at so many places.
So I was planning to create another blog since it will be easier as now I know much better about keyword research and content creation than I knew 2 years before.
But keeping all that in mind I 100% agree with your point that rather than diverting my energy on 2nd blog, same amount of energy will give more rewards on my first blog.
Do you have same kind of thoughts, or have you planned or created others ways of revenue as a safeguard?

I love to read all blogging posts such a piece of gorgeous information you have been mentioned in this blog, I saw in you on the quora platform then after that I searched on google, and finally, I find out a great informative blog.

You have provided some great tips, and this may be one of the best articles on the blog. I was wondering why I had so many blogs, and now I’m thinking about eliminating them. I’m also thinking about switching my hosting and reading all the books as well as you have suggested.

Hi Anil Sir,
It is really inspiring reading your blogging journey. I just started with it on I gained knowledge from reading your post. I am still a novice. Would like to get such inspirations from leading bloggers like you. Getting into writing such blogs will take time for me. But will try my level best to apply your tips and tricks in my blogging. At times it is really difficult to understand and do things in one go. But surely will keep working hard to achieve. A positive attitude always works.

Well first of all I would like to thank you for sharing your successfully 15 years blogging secrets. What i liked the most in this article is about “Smallseotools” & “Crazyegg” which is really good enough to give tough competition to other paid tools as discussed in your post. I also agrees with you on Pareto 80/20 rule. Really this rule comes to true most of time while I do analysis of my posts and their promotional activities on various Social media platform.

Excellent tips.
I have learned a lot from bloggers passion and this one of the best articles on this blog.
I was doing the mistake of creating many blogs and now I think to rectify it.
Another thing is to change my hosting, and I will try to read all the books as stated by you.

I learned a bunch of similar lessons during my 13 year blogging career. Giving freely vibes deeply with me because pros are generous servants, first and foremost. From there, all of this free giving increases skills, exposure and credibility. Credible, skilled bloggers seen in many spots go pro because people buy their stuff and also hire these bloggers.

Being generous and patient are keys because most bloggers, in their fear and panic, are stingy and impatient. Or perhaps the bloggers seem to be patient but blog from stingy energies. Other bloggers are generous as can be but incredibly impatient. The challenge is to be generous for a long time.

I am learning new things, per one of your tips bro. Optimizing my blog posts for SEO since January of 2021 has opened my eyes because I ranked most of these new posts on page 1 for a little bit, at least. But even ones that did not rank – written with competitive keywords – still drew more organic traffic through my list and social media, all because my readers and new readers enjoyed the 2,000 plus word, detailed offerings.


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