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While hunting for a service to write my paper, I happened to find and there was just something that captured me from the first moment. It was their home page. claims to be a service that helps students that are struggling with their papers and offer a “family” of writers that are available 24/7 to provide help and support.

Quality of service

While they claim that their “family” of writers can handle anything that comes their way, I didn’t really find any info on the writers themselves. claims that they are professionals who went through rigorous screenings and tests in order to work for them, but how come I can’t find anything about who these people are? They do offer up to three revisions for free once your paper is written, so I decided to contact them to get more info.

What I found out later was that writing, editing and proofreading is done by completely separate people. It seems that operates with separate teams inside their office, so that each group of writers does one type of work. While good in theory, I found out later that my writing and revisions simply felt off due to the fact that different people did them.

Customer support

Their customer support is apparently available 24/7 via Skype, live chat and telephone. They were kind enough to answer my questions and stated that they are authorized to make decisions based on customer complaints if there is a need for it. This sounded like they care about their workers as well as their client and really do act like a “family”, just like their website says they do.


Prices on are broken down into “Writing from scratch”, “Editing/Proofreading”, “Multiple Choice Questions” and “Problem Solving”. Each category has its own pricing per page and according to academic level, starting from 13$ per page.

Their discount system is original, offering 10% discount after you made your first purchase. This means they encourage continuous use of their service and the discounts only get bigger from there. They even offer free pages on the paper itself, which saved me good 30$ and I was really happy about it even though they were kind of lacking compared to the rest of my paper.


I would have to say that is a good website if you have the patience to go through one or two revisions and you’re not in a hurry. While the revisions are free (at first), this could have easily been avoided if the same person did the writing and editing process of the same paper. Regardless of this little issue, I’d have to say that is worth your time if you’re patient enough.

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Find Out How to Identify Unreliable Writing Services

Browsing for online services is confusing, and, when you’re looking for expert academic help, you end up asking yourself one question: how do I identify the writing services that aren’t what they claim to be? That is what we’re here for: to give you guidance and aid you to make the right decision. Make sure you do that by taking into account our guidelines. Apart of that, there are a lot of various writing services reviews in the Internet, which could help you find best writing service.

Assessing the quality of the writing
How can you assess the quality of an online company’s services before actually ordering? We tell you how, by reading one expert review after another, as well as various customer reviews.

For example, in the case of AdvancedWriters, the papers are far from being proficiently written. On the contrary, the paper we have ordered was filled with grammatical errors and mistakes of all sorts. Furthermore, we noticed that the writer encountered trouble in communicating the message clearly.

We could wholeheartedly affirm that the paper wasn’t written by a native English speaker. The misuse of verb tenses and certain terms is an issue for most international speakers.

You shouldn’t just read the testimonials you find on a company’s website, which are usually positive and glowing. On the contrary, you should dig a little bit deeper and scrutinize various reviews and customer feedback. That is an excellent practice if you wish to choose a service that provides real value for your money.

Lack of information regarding the writers
It is implied that, before selecting a writing service, you want to find out about the educational background of the staff members. Nonetheless, many companies fail to consider this aspect, which is why they include little to none relevant information about their employees. Such an example is PapersLead.

The company informs its customers that each writer has a master’s or Ph.D. degree and that orders are assigned based on expertise. That is all. Truth be told, anyone can attest something, but when there isn’t any proof that supports a claim, you cannot trust a company.

If only the quality of the products would be gratifying, but, based on what we have found out about this company, the papers are featured by a myriad of shortcomings, which is why we wouldn’t recommend you using this service. We’re not saying that it’s a fraud or scam, but the final product won’t be of the highest quality, that’s for sure.

Unexplainable pricing system
There are certain rates in the industry of custom writing services. Nonetheless, some companies tend to cross the line, and offer services at unexplainable rates, which is why we encourage you to stay away from such enterprises. PaperWritings is such an unfortunate example, whose prices are high, especially since the quality is deficient.

The lack of considerable discounts, coupon codes, or any special promo code is also a source of concern, particularly since the rates are on the pricey side. Our rating of this service is low since we reckon that this is not an integral, ethical company: the discrepancy of what they claim to offer and what they actually do provide is notable.

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